PP Protect Exterior Ceramic Glasscoating and Interior Fabric/leather and carpet protection for your caravan - Motorhome

PP Protect offer Ceramic Glasscoating to the full exterior of your New or Used Caravan – Motorhome

(including the roof) our product will protect against UV fading, give a high gloss finish and will look better than new guaranteed and cleaning your caravan – motorhome will never be easier. PP Protect Ceramic Glasscoat will protect your caravan – motorhome for 3+ years no more waxing or polishing needed. All surfaces are professionally prepared before any ceramic sealant is applied giving your caravan – motorhome the very best look and surface protection for years to come.

PP Protect Fabric Protection for your interior fabrics seats, cushions, headboards, curtains and carpets can all be coated with PP Protect protective coating

PP Protect Fabric Protector will leave your caravans – Motorhomes interior surfaces fully protected from unwanted spillages, with very strong repelling actions so any spillages are easier to wipe free.


PP Protect Leather Protection designed to care for your Caravans - Motorhomes leather and Synthetic interior.

PP Protect Leather Cream can be used on all leather seats and trim to feed enhance and protect to help prevent wear giving the very best protection.


PP Protect offer the very best service direct to our customers and the best products to treat your caravan – motorhome. PP Protect prepare all GRP, fiberglass and painted panels which can have defects even from new, this can be from swirl marks, flat/dull GRP to light scratches. We will do our very best to make every surface look its very best before any treatments are applied and giving your caravan – motorhome an amazing finish even better than getting out of a showroom for years to come.

PP Protect Ceramic will make your cleaning of your Caravan – motorhome a lot easier and more enjoyable with great finished results no more waxing or polishing needed , also Prevent any exterior panels from premature fading and keep your Caravan or Motorhome at it's best market value/condition.

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Years of Protection

D6-17487 Revision Approval

Environmentally friendly